Enhance with taggers

File-tune Procedure

To further fine-tune your Aissistant for full automation, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Categorize your customer queries

  2. Turn on “Respond only to tagged” options in Smart Tagger

  3. Develop a smart tag for one of your primary queries.

  4. Populate the assets with relevant information and provide precise instructions associated with that tag.

  5. Monitor how Aissistant handles events associated with that tag.

  6. Adjust the assets, tag, and instructions as necessary for optimization.

  7. After Aissistant consistently manages events in this category without any problems, return to step 3 and select a different category. Repeat the process until all categories are addressed efficiently.

  8. Turn on auto-pilot

Fine-tune Examples

To illustrate the process, we'll use our customers as case studies to demonstrate the enhancement of Aissistant's responses.

Example 1: Contextual instructions for Smart Tagger

CityRelay, a property rental business akin to Airbnb, frequently receives a variety of questions from their customers about the properties they rent. To make handling these inquiries more efficient, we introduced the "flat_query" tag to be used whenever a customer asks a question related to a flat. We've detailed the procedure for addressing these questions in the contextual instruction window. To further support these inquiries, we've implemented two smart actions: the first allows us to identify a flat using its number and address, prompting the user for confirmation upon identification. Following confirmation, the second smart action enables us to gather comprehensive details about the flat—such as access instructions, Wi-Fi password, and the location of the thermostat—from a internal database. With this information at hand, Aissistant is equipped to accurately respond to users' questions.

Example 2: Resolve conflicted information

Open Goaaal operates a Shopify store specializing in the sale of soccer goals in various sizes. Open Goaaal often receives requests for installation manuals from customers. Over time, people tend to misplace their manuals, and when it comes time to disassemble the goal, they find themselves in need of the detailed instructions. Consequently, they reach out to Open Goaaal requesting a copy. Here's an example of how Aissistant initially responded.

Hello Lifan, Thank you for reaching out. I can certainly assist with that. I will send you the PDF of the installation instructions for the "Large" size Open Goaaal. Please check your email shortly for the instructions. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out.

A human agent flagged this response as incorrect, noting that the Google Doc asset contains specific directions for Aissistant to provide a Google Drive link to the appropriate product. Instead of doing so, Aissistant responded with, "I will email you the PDF of installation instructions.”

Installation Manual

If the user asks for an installation manual or instruction, verify the exact product and then provide the correct manual.

For Open Goaaal Targets, provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QnQqZJrdtk6H2k47kIn84XId5stiopng/view

For Open Goaaal Starter, provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1peMptCdI7sLQGvi1WcSfkkbQaWVoDsNY/view

For Open Goaaal Lacrosse, provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1stttNSnU_kvIFbLP5Wie0G-yH5-PpLQv/view

For Open Goaaal Full size, provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1twOBsFhpr67ORkwQqIrBvqh8wpvYwSlv/view

For Open Goaaal Standard & Large, provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/105I_IhH69iSZYFAmZraey4Fl-TPF7keI/view

For Open Goaaal Junior, provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GuHIvghq6TuU4b4wbZRAse9_fFfYX8lT/view

This was due to a instruction in the workspace configuration that instructed Aissistant to reply with an offer to email the manual, inadvertently overriding the information from the Google Doc. To rectify this, we removed the conflicting instruction and introduced an 'installation_manual' tag with the appropriate configuration.

This adjustment enabled Aissistant to respond accurately with the Google Drive link to the precise manual needed.

Hello Lifan, Thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that the instructions were not included with your Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Standard). I can certainly help you with that. Here is the PDF manual for the Standard size which you can download and view: Open Goaaal Standard Size Installation Manual Please feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.

Example 3: Handover to human team

Return requests are a frequent occurrence in e-commerce, and Open Goaaal is no exception. However, to initiate a return, Open Goaaal requires the creation of a return authorization, a process managed by an internal system that's not publicly accessible. Consequently, for all return requests, we created a return_or_refund tag and included contextual instructions prompting the user to provide their order number, shipping address, the reason for the return, and a photo showing the current condition of the product. We also activated the post-action to suspend subsequent interactions. As a result, once the user submits the necessary information, Aissistant ceases to respond, allowing the human team to take over and manage the return authorization process.

For additional information on transitioning tasks from Aissistant to the human team, please refer Streamline with human team.

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