What is the project, workspace, gateway?

Project is the unit of payable account. You can create one project for one company or one brand. Inside a project, there can be multiple workspaces and multiple gateways.

Workspace is the unit of Aissistant which is defined with specific instructions and works on specific set of assets. You can create one workspace for one department of your company, or one e-store of your brand. A workspace can be deployed on multiple gateways but one gateway can only deploy one workspace.

Gateway is the unit of deployment which specifies which workspace is deployed on what managing points (Inbox or Channel, depending on Agent Platform) on what mode (Auto-Pilot or Co-Pilot).

Monthly quota for free accounts

For free accounts, we provide a monthly quota of 100 AI interactions with base engine.

Difference between free accounts and paid accounts

Free accounts are limited to 100 AI interaction per month using the base engine only. The messages generated for free accounts contain www.aissist.io footnote.

Paid accounts can use both base engine and advanced engine with no limit. There is no Aissist ads in messages generated for paid accounts.

How to upgrade to a paid account

Log into your Aissist account, select Billing from the left side panel, add a credit card to your payment method, and then click "ACTIVATE" on the PRO tier.

Difference between base engine and advanced engine

Base engine is charged at $0.05 per AI interaction while advanced engine is charged at $0.15 per AI interaction.

Compare with base engine, advanced engine can handle sentimental messages and complicated logic better.

If queries from your customers are simple, base engine is good enough to process them. Otherwise, we recommend our customer to use advanced engine.

Will you lower your price if AI cost is reduced

Should the cost of AI decrease, we plan to immediately transfer the savings to our customers.

What’s Aissist’s relationship with OpenAI?

Aissist use proprietary “Auto-GPT” like engine which can use any LLM models. Right now, most of our traffic uses OpenAI, but we have the capability to link with other service as well.

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