How to create gateway to Gorgias

Select "Gateways" from your Aissist left side panel, click "Add Gateway", choose Intercom and then follow the instructions to finish the setup.

Auto-Pilot and Auto-Draft

During creation of Gateway, you can choose between Auto-Pilot and Auto-draft. Learn more about Auto-Pilot, Auto-Draft and Co-Pilot …

Managing Tags

Intercom only supports tags. Therefore, please tag your tickets if you want them to be processed by Aissistant.

How does Aissistant work in Intercom?

Aissistant works, largely, in similar way as human, creating response, draft, comment, tag, and summary.

Auto response

Aissistant generates the most contextually appropriate responses from the massive information you have.

Auto tag

Aissistant produces the tags based on the context to help you better manage and organize the engagements, with ease.

Streamline with human

Aissistant is equipped with self-awareness to auto-detect the needs for human help or follow up so that you don’t miss any important leads or information.

Auto summary

Aissistant generates summary with next steps and unaddressed questions to quickly bring the human team up to speed.

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