Auto-Pilot, Auto-Draft, Co-Pilot

Aissistant provides Auto-Pilot, Auto-Draft, and Co-Pilot mode.

We recommend our customers begin with the Auto-Draft mode. After undergoing several rounds of optimization—during which we monitor Aissistant's performance and make adjustments via instructions, tags, and assets—we can then activate Auto-Pilot to achieve complete automation.



Automatically reply to user messages

Automatically generate draft for human to review, edit and then send

Draft, translate, or summary via buttons on right side panel


Any channel

Any channel

Non-realtime channels (email)

User Case

Sales and Customer service (email and chat)

Sales and Customer service (email and chat)

Customer service (email)


Higher productivity gain, 85% resolved without human involvement

Improve human team productivity

Improve human team productivity


Fully automated

automated helper

On demand


Assets are more matured

Assets are matured

Assets can be less matured

How to configure?

For gateways that have not been used for more than 3 days, you may need to re-authorize the connection for the gateway to be used again.

  1. Configure the mode in Gateway list

  1. Configure the mode in Gateway config page (click gateway in the gateway list)


In Auto-Pilot mode, Aissistant generates response and responds directly without human intervention. This allows Aissistant to enter full automation. Aissistant has been equipped with capability to auto-detect the needs for human involvement, either help or follow-up, whichever happens Aissistant will create tag as mechanism to notify human team. Please refer to Streamline with human team for more details.

80% of Aissistant users employ Auto-Pilot because it offers a real game-changer. For Auto-Pilot to work well, please pay attention to the followings:

(1) It works better if the inbox has narrower purpose. A typical example is out-reach sales qualification which is definable task. Our AI has proved the capability to reach human parity in those categories.

(2) Increase the information in assets always help. There is no limit on the amount of information in assets. Our AI is very information hungry, the more the better as long as there is no major conflicts, and AI will be able to pick the most relevant information to be used in response or draft.


In Auto-Pilot mode, Aissistant generates draft for human to review, modify then send. This process allows the human agents to scrutinize and refine the response before sending it. We advise our users to initially engage with the Auto-Draft mode, undertake several iterations of optimizations until the Assistant's output aligns with the human agent's criteria, and then transition to Auto-Pilot mode. Please refer to Achieve Full Automation for more details.

The choice between Auto-Pilot and Auto-Draft doesn’t impact other features like tags, summaries, etc.


In Co-Pilot mode, the user interaction is not processed until human team trigger it via right-side panel. This approach offers the best flexibility but least productivity.


  • Create Draft: create a draft based on both conversational context and provided assets. The created draft is equivalent to the one created by Auto-Draft, but on demand. Why this? It is on demand, therefore flexible. But it requires a click and some waiting time (5 - 30 seconds).

  • Translate: translate user’s last message and draft (if exists) into your specified language. Just type the language name in the box above Translate, Aissistant will do the translation for you. By default, the message will be translated to English.

  • Summarize: provide a summary of conversation, list unanswered questions and items to follow up.

FrontApp Co-Pilot is automatically installed when you create the gateway to your FrontApp account.

If you don’t see the Co-Pilot panel in your FrontApp, please do the following

(1) Go to your FrontApp workspace, click on any conversation;

(2) Click “Manage” on the right side panel, in the list, pin the “Aissist” plug-in, then the following panel will appear;

Below are several examples of input to the "Create Draft" box, but we recommend to find things that are instinct to you.

Example (what’s put in the draft box)


Tell user about composite engine

In the assets, there is information on “composite engine”, therefore the Aissistant will fill in and include such information in the draft.

Tell user that we have a long waiting queue and the wait time is about 3 days, and apologize

Aissistant will rephrase the input into a nice apologetic message to user and explain nicely about the wait time.

Tell user that we don’t accept new customers, in Spanish

Assistant will rephrase and translate the input into Spanish. (Aissistant does translation too)

In Chinese

Assistant will create draft with context and asset, in Chinese

please reach out to

Assistant will rephrase the input

tell user to reach out to sales

If the context has sales email, Aissistant will draft a message to ask user to reach out to the sales email

My apology, we don’t have information on your request

Assistant will rephrase the input

I am checking with the vendor now, please give me 24 hours

Assistant will rephrase the input

I will forward your request to our accounting team

Assistant will rephrase the input

Gorgias Co-Pilot is automatically installed when you create the gateway to your Gorgias account.

If you don’t see the Co-Pilot panel in your Gorgias, please do the following

(1) Go to, login in, then go to “Gateways” in left side panel;

(2) Click on the Gorgias gateway, navigate to “configure integration”, "refresh" and thne "update";

(3) Log back to Gorgias to see whether the right-side panel appears;

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