Do you and your team find yourselves overwhelmed by an endless stream of service tickets? The challenge becomes even more daunting when these messages arrive in various languages, limiting your productivity and increasing stress. However, there's a solution on the horizon with This advanced business automation tool is designed to not only tackle the overflow of tickets but also to significantly boost your team's efficiency. Discover how the leading e-commerce brand “Diamond Painting” transformed their customer service operations using

Automated Customer Service: A Case Study of a E-Commerce brand

"Diamond Painting" operates dozens of Shopify stores selling diamond art globally, including regions like Southeast Asia, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, United States, Germany, and more. Their customer service team handles hundreds of tickets daily in various languages such as Dutch, English, and German. A common request they receive is for order tracking. Considering their products are dispatched globally from China, shipping times can be extensive, often ranging from two to three weeks for delivery. Additionally, many of their customers are seniors who may find it challenging to track their shipments, inquiries about the whereabouts of packages are frequent. Traditionally, to respond to these queries, human agents had to manually retrieve order details and tracking information from the database, visit the carrier’s website to track the shipment, and then update the customer on the delivery status. Now, I'll demonstrate how has streamlined this process through automation.

Step 1. Intelligent Tags

In an environment where tickets stream in from every corner of the globe, sorting and organizing conversations is paramount. simplifies this challenge through intelligent tagging. Users simply define the scenarios and let AI do the heavy lifting, assigning precise tags to incoming messages. This technology is language agnostic, which means that no matter the language of the email, it will accurately tag and route the messages to the correct teams. For a global player like "Diamond Painting", this feature alone significantly streamlines what was once a daunting task.

We created an inbound tag "order_tracking" to categorize incoming messages and introduced several outbound tags to notify human agents of any shipping exceptions. By activating the "respond only to tagger" feature, we can selectively ignore unrelated inquiries, focusing exclusively on automating the order tracking procedure.

Step 2. Integration with Information Systems

For "Diamond Painting," two critical information systems are in place. The first is their Shopify store, which houses customer information and order specifics, such as the shipping company and tracking number. The second comprises various carriers' tracking systems, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx. seamlessly integrates with the Shopify store to access tracking details, including the tracking number and carrier. For detailed shipping updates, we have developed a straightforward AWS Lambda API that fetches real-time shipping progress from these various carriers.

Step 3. Leveraging Assets

We have built a Google Doc containing guidelines for handling order tracking inquiries, outlining the steps within {{ }} brackets. Following the instructions, we include a sample response. Armed with this information, Aissistant is equipped to produce responses that meet the quality standard of human agents.

Following the previously mentioned three steps, Aissistant can now identify a user's order, supply them with the most recent tracking details, and notify a human agent for additional investigation when necessary.

Implementing could mark the end of tickets overwhelm for your team. By harnessing the power of AI for intelligent tagging, leveraging operational assets, and integrating with your core information systems, you’ll not only make your tickets more manageable, but you could see a significant uptick in productivity. Isn’t it time you left the quagmire of endless email streams behind and propelled your team to new heights of efficiency with contact for demo.

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