Restful API


Aissist offers integration capabilities that enable connections with Shopify and various RESTful APIs. This integration allows Aissist to access your information systems, such as inventory, billing, and calendar. For instance, integrating with Shopify enables Aissist to monitor customer order statuses in real time and assist in shipment tracking. Additionally, Aissist's capability to link with RESTful APIs means it can manage orders, bookings, inventory, shipping, tracking, and even handle returns and refunds.


For detailed information on Shopify integration, you can visit Shopify Integration. Below is an example of integrating a RESTful API with an AWS API gateway. You'll need to obtain your API URL and authentication if there is any, and then input these into the RESTful API integration section. There's also an option to customize the header as needed.

Smart Actions

Once integrated with a RESTful API, smart actions can be configured to execute various tasks. To create a RESTful API action, click “Add Action,” choose the new action, and in the Smart Action Builder that appears, enter a name and description, select the integration and method, and input the URL and parameters. It's important to note that the description is crucial for Aissist to correctly understand when and how to execute this action. Below, we provide an examples to illustrate the potential applications of these smart actions.

Example: Get tracking details for e-commerce

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